We Have Moved

Following 6 weeks of hard graft and organisation to get the new workshop up and running, we have finally moved in.  We are settling in to our new surroundings and looking forward to seeing our customers at our new premises.

Paul is very proud of what has been achieved in a short time, he will gladly show you around the new workshop.

There is a sign on the old garage with a map to show where we have moved.  If you have any queries, please do call us on our new telephone number 01489 78 79 70

Look forward to seeing you here.

We Are Moving Soon

DUNNINGS MAPWe have been given notice on our present workshop and therefore are having to move.  We have found a large unit in Botley.  We are hoping to be in by the beginning of November, subject to VOSA (now known as DSA) and BT.  Nothing within the business will change apart from the location and the telephone number.  Customer Service will still be our priority.

We will be keeping you up to date with posts on our website with pictures as the workshop materialises into Paul Dunnings Garage.

If you have any queries or questions, please do either give us a call or send us an email.  You can of course contact us via Facebook and Twitter too.

New Apprentice

Lewis has joined us from college.  He is settling in well and his general knowledge of vehicles is quite advanced.  We are keeping an eye on him and would like to welcome him to our team.

DIY Winter Car Check

Paul DunningsI’d like to welcome you to the first of our monthly blog posts. Our aim is to provide regular hints and tips to our customers, similar to those we’d provide you when you come to see us at the garage.

With Winter now just around the corner, it’s a good time to ensure your car is ready for the change in road conditions, so we thought we’d help with our Winter Car Check.

Outside the Car:

1.  Check your headlights are workingCheck all your lights are working

With the evenings getting darker, we’ll need our lights more. Get someone to help you and don’t forget the number plate lights & fog lights.


Check that your wipers are in good condition

2.  Check that your wipers are in good condition

Oil and rubber form a greasy layer on your windscreen. When it starts to rain more, you’ll find you get a greasy smear across your windscreen. Ensure your wipers are at their most effective; lift up the wiper arm and run your fingers along the wiper blade. It should feel smooth. Replace the wiper arm carefully.


3.  20p Tyre CheckCheck the tread on your tyre

Stopping distances double when the road is wet, so make sure your tyres are in a reasonable condition when you really need to stop. Place a 20p into the centre tread of your tyre, with the 20 digits at the bottom of the coin. if you can see the whole of the 20 its time to change your tyre. A simple guide can be found here. How to Check Your Tyre with a 20p


Under the bonnet. Go on, be brave and get your hands dirty:

4.  Top up your screen wash Check and top up your screen wash

As the potential for colder weather draws in, screenwash is essential for clearing salt and grim sprayed up from other cars. Add 250ml (approx) of screenwash then top up with water.


5.   Check your coolant bottleCheck your coolant bottle, make sure the colour is strong

Your coolant bottle should have either a pink/orange or blue liquid only when engine is cold – if it looks thin (too watery) then it needs topping up – come and see us and we’ll help.


Careful not to damage your wipers when frosty

When frosty morning arrive, make sure you do not use your wipers to clean the ice off your windscreen.  This will deteriorate the rubber and they will need replacing sooner. Use tepid water, not hot water or de-icer or a scraper.  Make sure you have a clear view through your windscreen, rear window and front windows.

If you’re not sure about checking any or some of these tips on here please do pop in and see us.  We will help you while you sit down and have a complimentary warm cup of coffee.

We only charge for the bulb or wiper – not to fit it!

Paul Dunnings Sponsor Colden Common Football Club

Paul Dunnings Garage is proud to be a new sponsor of Colden Common Football Club, a local weekend football club, based just outside of Winchester.Paul Dunnings Sponsor Colden Common FC

“The Garage is always keen to support local communities where possible” explains Paul Dunnings. “I’m thrilled that we can be part of this age old club and wish them all the very best in the upcoming 2013/2014 season, I have no doubt they’ll go on to achieve good things”.

Ian Steele, Club Secretary of Colden Common Football Club says “We’re grateful to Paul Dunnings Garage for their support this season; their sponsorship will help towards funding for new kit and away trips. It’s with the support of local companies, such as Paul Dunnings Garage that teams like ours exist. We look forward to welcoming the Workshop team down to the pitch-side soon, for what looks to be a very promising season for the Club.”

Paul Dunnings Garage welcomes a new Director

Paul Dunnings Garage is delighted to announce the promotion of Vince Henly from Workshop Manager to Company Director.

“Vince has helped us bring the garage to where it is today.” explains Paul Dunnings, Director of the Garage. “We’re very excited to welcome him into the Board Room. His main responsibilities will include moving the Company forward and bring new technologies into the independent garage, of which I’m sure he’ll take in his stride”


“This is an amazing privilege of which I am deeply honoured.” says Vince. “I really hope we can make Paul Dunnings Garage the best independent garage in the Eastleigh and Winchester area’

Paul Dunnings Garage is a family run business with over 35 years of experience in the motor trade, including MoT testingservicing and repairs on a variety of vehicles through 3 decades.